Plevin PPI claims

Plevin PPI Claims

You could still be owed £1,000’s from your PPI refund – have you been “Plevined”?

A recent Court ruling, known as “Plevin” means you may still be due compensation for your PPI policy even if you have already received a payout. This extra refund could be worth £1,000’s.

In the Court case, Mrs Susan Plevin discovered that 71.8% of her PPI payments were actually commission taken by the Bank for the sale of her policy. The Court said that as Mrs Plevin didn’t know about this high commission then the sale was illegal and the Bank had to refund this commission to her as well as extra compensation.

Did you know that commission taken on PPI was often well in excess of 70% of the premiums? If not then you can make a claim for it to be repaid plus interest!

How is Plevin different from mis – sold PPI?

Plevin PPI claims only involve the commission that you may have paid to your lender or bank that wasn’t made clear when you first bought the PPI.

Plevin cases don’t look at whether the PPI was mis – sold but what commission rate you were charged, and as most commission was over 70% of the premium paid then this would be considered unfair and you can get the whole amount back.

Even if you have had a PPI payout it’s likely that you were only paid back a proportion of what you were rightfully due since the banks only paid you the amount up to 50%, so you can get back the amount you were charged, plus interest, above this amount.

What do I need to do?

At Moneyback we have specialist staff who have worked on thousands of cases, we have in depth knowledge and experience of the process… and we do all the work for you!

This is a 100% NO WIN NO FEE! You only pay for our services if your claim is successful.

If you think you have a valid claim contact us today.

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